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Since 1979 IML has provided comprehensive environmental measurement services to public and private sector clients throughout the United States and the world.

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Our principal services and products include:
  Comprehensive chemical analyses of environmental samples
  Groundwater and surface water sampling
  Soil core sampling and characterization
  Vegetation sampling and inventory
  Ambient air pollutant monitoring and speciation
  Design and installation of continuous air monitoring networks
  Meteorological monitoring and micro/mesoscale forecasting
  Database development, standard and custom products for data tracking and retrieval
  Custom software (application-based or executable)
  GIS/database integrated software packages
  Environmental permitting and engineering services
  Innovative research and measurement systems development

IML's offerings combine full-scale laboratory analysis services with a broad range of field and engineering capabilities. These unique combinations enable us to develop and implement cost-effective solutions that provide a high degree of utility and value to our customers.

IML's projects extend from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, Kenya to Australia, with matrices ranging from alpine lake surface water and drinking water to waste samples analyzed to support closure of an industrial hazardous waste facility. Clients include the National Park Service; US Environmental Protection Agency; hardrock and coal mining companies; petrochemical and energy companies; universities; a broad range of environmental engineering firms; US Fish and Wildlife Service; and other federal, state, and county agencies located throughout the US.

  Traceable Calibration Systems
Chinook Engineering, IML's research and development division, manufactures the patented Streamline™ Flow Transfer Standard and Streamline Pro™ MultiCal™ System. These high performance fluid flow meters are used extensively in air quality measurements. Due to its superior and consistent performance, the Streamline™ FTS has become the "standard" flow meter in the ambient air quality measurements industry. The Streamline Pro™ ultiCal™ System simplifies measurements while also providing traceable temperature and barometric pressure measurements.

Streamline™ and Streamline Pro™ systems are sold exclusively by Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc. Chinook Engineering provides all service and technical support for the Streamline™ and Streamline Pro™ systems.

Metrology -NIST Traceable Calibrations
Chinook operates an NIST – traceable calibration/certification facility to provide quality assurance (QA) support for the fundamental measurements related to obtaining air quality concentrations. Parameters which can be certified are:

  Air flow rate: 50 cc/min – 22 lpm, and 8 – 85 cfm
(appx. 250 –2500 lpm)
  Manometry: 0.01 – 25 “ H2O, other by special setup
  Barometry: fractions – 1.2 atmospheres
  Thermometry: -40 – +80 °C
  Chinook Engineering is IML's research and development division, located in Sheridan, Wyoming. Chinook Engineering focuses on applied research and the development of innovative measurement technologies, especially related to environmental measurements. Chinook collaborates with universities, national labs, and experts in their respective fields to complement the in-house staff.

The Mission of Chinook Engineering is to develop innovative technologies. Such innovations will be developed through a partnering model, bringing talented people and their ideas together, to create new and useful products and opportunities.

  Inter-Mountain Laboratories (IML) provides sample collection services from its Gillette and Sheridan, Wyoming. Trained technicians use modern sampling equipment and rigorous procedures to assure efficient sampling with maximum integrity. All field personnel are OSHA and MSHA safety trained.
    Water Sampling
    Ground water
    Surface water
    Field parameters
    Ground Water Sampling Equipment
    Purging Capabilities
    2"-3" wells to a depth of 240'
    4" wells to a depth of 325'
    5"-6" wells to a depth of 450'
    3 truck-mounted units
    Field Measurement Capabilities Equipment
    Depth to water
    pH, EC, Temperature, Alkalinity, D.O., ORP
    Surface Water Sampling
    Portable current meter
    Portable BASKI flume
    pH, EC, Temperature, Alkalinity, D.O., ORP
    Soil Sampling
    Mining spoils and topsoil
    2", 3", 4" & 8" cores
    Modern, efficient sampling rigs
    Water application studies
    Soil Sampling Equipment
    Highly efficient modern equipment
    Soils characterizations
    2", 3", 4" diameter to 70 ft.
    6" diameter to 60 ft.
    8" diameter to 50 ft.
    2 units available
    Air Networks and Measurements
    Particulate (PM10, PM2.5, TSP) network design & operation
    Gaseous pollutants (NOx, CO, etc.)
    Meteorological systems
    Remote systems access and operation
  Customized Data Reporting
  Types of report generally supplied and optional formats available at additional charge:


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